[Mon 11:33] occasional demons: In total there are 52 users online :: 1 Registered, 0 Hidden and 51 Guests
[Mon 11:34] occasional demons: Neons.org: In total there are 14 users online :: 4 registered, 0 hidden and 10 guests (based on users active over the past 5 minutes)
[Mon 11:34] occasional demons: They have less total users online than 2gn at this moment
[Mon 17:49] Midnight_Rider: Yea for 2GN over the org! LOL
[Wed 19:09] BlackRoseRacing: ^^^lol
[Wed 19:12] BlackRoseRacing: Right now online - The ORG 16 users / 2GN 39
[Wed 19:12] BlackRoseRacing: lol
[Sun 21:01] Midnight_Rider: Happy Birthday Hudson Neon!
[Mon 16:32] occasional demons: Happy Birthday fargo59!
[Mon 17:00] CharmfulPeace: Don't really know what to say, but want to say something... So.....
[Mon 17:01] CharmfulPeace: Hi lol
[Mon 17:40] Midnight_Rider: Howdy back!
[Tue 5:30] Dammit Man!: Hi!
[Tue 9:52] Midnight_Rider: Hey stranger!
[Wed 4:18] 03_SXT: I still like the forums better than FB... FB has its advantages of being able to easily keep in touch with everyone though
[Thu 2:04] Midnight_Rider: Forums much better suited to member needs IMO.
[Thu 2:32] CharmfulPeace: Forums are better by means of keeping posts and topics cataloged, instead of posts being lost in time on FB. (May be a young one, but I love using and creating forums Razz )
[Thu 8:48] Midnight_Rider: I agree with your logic.
[Wed 10:08] occasional demons: http://1.mshcdn.com/wp-content/gallery/leonard-nimoy-quotes/leonard-nimoy-quotes-4.jpg
[Wed 17:48] CharmfulPeace: ^ Perfect quote.
[Wed 17:48] CharmfulPeace: ^ Perfect quote.
[Wed 20:37] Midnight_Rider: LOL
[Wed 4:27] occasional demons: Happy Birthday Jon!
[Wed 8:36] Midnight_Rider: Yes, happy birthday!
[Wed 13:13] jonnymopar: Thanks guys!
[Wed 6:58] Midnight_Rider: Happy birthday quicksilvr!
[Wed 9:59] occasional demons: Happy Birthday Dave!