[Fri 6:49] MyNeonSaysHi: kewl
[Mon 11:25] Alexemous: Hay guys, I'm looking to buy an engine in Victoria Australia, anyone know of one?
[Mon 22:41] Alexemous: I can see this is a very active forum
[Tue 6:07] occasional demons: Glad you have a sense of humor... Not many members can help you out. I think we only had one member from Down Under.
[Tue 6:08] occasional demons: His name was Alex too...
[Tue 6:09] occasional demons: Maybe that name is more popular than neons were there.
[Fri 7:10] occasional demons: Happy Birthday Jerry!
[Fri 7:14] occasional demons: And Stacey!
[Wed 11:21] Alexemous: Thanks for the reply breh
[Wed 11:24] Alexemous: Ima make a thread coz I have a few questions for you Yankee doodles
[Thu 11:58] NEON PARABOLA: ImA MaKe A ThReAd CoZ I HaVe A FeW QuEsTiOnS FoR YoU YaNkEe DoOdLeS