will Rota G force 17s fit my 05 sxt lowered 2in?

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will Rota G force 17s fit my 05 sxt lowered 2in?

Post by zippy941 » Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:14 pm

hey im new to the forum, and modding cars.
I have an 05 SXT that i just ordered megan springs for. (~2 in drop)
Its stock suspension wise other than the springs which i have yet to install. Im wanting to get bigger rims to fill the wheel well. I found 17" rota G forces on craigs for 400$ with tires. I know it depends on what tires are on them (im not sure, waiting on his response) but i know he was running them on his sti which he said was slammed.
I heard that lowering springs usually shouldnt effect wheel clearance if its only lowered 2in or so. is that true?
Should i expect these to rub if i get them? would i need to get low profile tires, and what should i expect that to cost?
Will i need anything to be recalibrated ( speedo) with different rim size?
like i said im new to all of this, sorry if there is a forum on this topic already, i looked but couldnt find anything that helped.
any input or information on lowering/wheel choices would be much appreciated!
ALSO! i would love to see some neons lowered ~2in. If you could let me know what rims size you have & such thatd be great.

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Post by blueneo03 » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:34 pm

It wont affect anything in terms of fitment being lowered as the spring perches don't change in height. the size that will fit the neon se/sxt/rt strut with no modifications and as the suggestion from all tire shops is a 205/40/17 a 45 series tire will fit too I believe but the srt 50 series will not fit. the width im not too sure on, I would think that a 215 width would fit but I don't know for sure.

So in short yes a 17 will fit the tire however may not so just let us know what size tire he has

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