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Safc2 tuning ?

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2002 Dodge Neon SXT

Post: #1   PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:56 am    Post subject: Safc2 tuning ? Reply with quote

Okay let me start off by saying I have researched this and researched it watch video after video and read the post that was put this site a while back like a hundred times and I just can't seem to get this thing to in right I'm driving 02 Dodge Neon with an SRT4 dual overhead cam swap SRT4 intake exhaust manifold turbo throttle body which has been bored out I'm running a SRT4 fuel pump spoil boy mod with a rising-rate fuel pressure regulator and a return line back to the gas tank I'm pushing 20 psi fuel while the car is running if I take the vacuum line off it jumps to 29 PSI I'm also running SRT4 stage one injectors from a 04 Dodge Neon I have a wideband air fuel ratio gauge I'm also running a safc 2 pushing 10psi of boost

For the safe I started out setting it up as to post on this website suggested for NGC car even though I'm not NGC got it on pressure sensor with 10 in 10 out it's set on four cylinder with the arrow point in Northeast I got my throttle points set at 85 and 90 on High throttle I took -8% out on a low throttle I started off with it at zero had a rough start seen a post online where it says injector size 550 or above should automatically -35 on the low end so I now have it set up it's -40 on the low end and -8 on the high end and for some reason I am still throwing a rich code for Bank One my problem that I've been having is if I just halfway with the gas pedal always wants to go lean but if I floor the gas pedal then it will run air fuel ratio and 11 than starts to drop to 13 what I am trying to get figured out is let's say I drive down the road and I just want to hit maybe 2 lb of boost to 4 pounds of boots just to get a little kick in and a little speed up it always wants to go lean I can't seem to figure out what settings I'm adjusting wrong to stop it from going lean and how to stop it from throwing a rich code and Bank One i dont know if the code is from lo or hi settings I have tried all different kinds of settings I have lowered fuel pressure down to his lowest 15 with vacuum on I have went up as high as 25 psi with vacuum on I have tried changing the throttle points setting my low point at 30 and my High Point at 50 I have tried all different kinds of settings for the lows and highs on the negative sides

Does anyone have a turboed 02 running a safc 2 with settings that they could possibly share that would get me close to where I need to be

Should I go down in injector size I do happen to have a set of PT Cruiser injectors

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2002 Dodge Neon R/T

Post: #2   PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's the PCM....
My 02 R/T I had issues with just like yours. At the time I had an Emanage Blue which was a major upgrade to the SAFC controller as it gives you a total graphical interface to work with just like the newer tuners use.
The biggest problem I had though is the pcm always wanted to retune all the changes I made to run "Stoich".
The only way I was able to finally cure this was to install MegaSquirt. The other issue I had was here in NY I had to plug in for emissions so my car would not pass using MS. Since then a new programmer came out that will allow you to tune your factory pcm to what your heart desires.
It's not like the DS programmer where you answer yes or no questions. It allows you to change more PCM parameters than you could imagine! It's $350 and its called SET....or Syked Ecu Tuning.....
Kevin Sykes has a handheld programmer that allows you to tune most 96-05 Neon pcm's to do anything you need it to do. He also offers some tunes right out of the box but your looking at $599 for the tune and package.


If you contact him, let him know I referred you to him Rock ON
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