500 HP?????

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500 HP?????

Post by jacoblindsay » Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:39 pm

Is it possible to achieve 500hp with a Neon engine? I would imagine an srt4 could but would have to be built. What about a 2.0 sohc? What kind of HP do you think a 2.0 could make with a stroker crank with .080 over sized pistons, big cams, and a turbo. My engine recently died and I'm contemplating building the engine up but I want good power. If I can't build a neon engine to meet the horsepower I want, what engine should I or could I swap fairly easily that could make 500hp?

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Re: 500 HP?????

Post by JeremyJ » Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:55 pm

I've seen a roughly 420 horse SOHC turbo build before. I'm not sure about 500. The 2.4 from the SRT can definitely do it.
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Re: 500 HP?????

Post by occasional demons » Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:28 pm

.080" over? I doubt the cylinder walls would be thick enough to support much over stock power, let alone 125 hp per cylinder.

If you're going to stroke a 2.0 to make that kind of power, you may as well just start off with a 2.4. You could always have a custom de stroked crank/pistons made, if you don't want a stroke that long. Either way, you're looking at more money than the car will be worth.

A turbo 2.4, and a couple thousand dollars, and a good tune will get you to 500 hp far easier. A lot of common sense will be required to keep a transaxle in it.

what engine should I or could I swap fairly easily that could make 500hp?
Anything non 1995 to 2005 neon, to 2010 mopar NGC DOHC 2.4 won't fit the "fairly easily" description, unless you have lots of experience/knowledge in fabricating, the tools and time.

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