Parts Compatibility

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Parts Compatibility

Post by jacoblindsay » Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:32 pm

I'm rebuilding my 2002 2.0l neon engine and am planning on putting DOHC pistons in from a 1997 neon. From my understanding the 02 engine is an A588 and the 97 engine is an ECC....but I've read on here somewhere that the blocks are the same (which is why the DOHC pistons work in a SOHC block) the only difference between the A588 and the ECC engines then is the cylinder head. Is this information correct or did I misinterpret something? I"m asking because I could buy a master rebuild kit for the 97 neon which would come with the full gasket set, bearing sets, oil pump, water pump, timing belt, and coated pistons, so if the blocks are the same everything would fit and save me some money

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Re: Parts Compatibility

Post by occasional demons » Sun Sep 15, 2019 9:32 pm

The blocks are the same. In 1995, the SOHC and DOHC blocks were different in the way that the crankcase ventilation was handled. In 1996, they scrapped the SOHC set up, and began using the DOHC style block for the rest of the 2.0 run.

Even though the 1995 SOHC block was different, the crank and rods were the same. So DOHC pistons will work without any issues in the block.

There were even export NGC 2.0 DOHC engines in the PT Cruisers. This was only in 2003 as far as I can tell.

The only issue with DOHC pistons with a SOHC head, is the pistons might contact the head if it is milled, or really high rpm causes some rod stretch.

Some people file the pistons, but the better method is to clearance the combustion chamber a little.

But on an unmilled head, and using a SOHC PCM that limits the rpm to 6750, this shouldn't be a problem. Our SOHC '96 had a DOHC bottom end, unbeknownst to us, and it ran fine on 87 octane, and never had any contact with the head when pushing it. It was an ATX, so that probably helped a little.

As long as it has a functioning knock sensor, you should be safe with 87 octane. But the 10.3:1 compression ratio should help make use of higher octane. But it is still compromised a bit by the more conservative SOHC PCM tune, unless it is an ACR or R/T pcm.

Note: Unless you are going with a DOHC head, the '97 DOHC master kit will not have the correct head gasket for a SOHC. The head bolts and gasket are different between DOHC and SOHC. So you would still need a SOHC head gasket. And head bolts. So that will probably make any savings a wash.

Oil pumps are usually not needed to be replaced, unless debris got sucked through the pick up, or the oil rarely got changed. The ones I have taken apart and inspected at well over 100,000 miles have looked and spec'ed out fine. It never hurts to take it apart and give it a once over. If the oil has been changed faithfully, and was decent oil, the oil pump is generally the best lubricated part.
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