00-02 vs Srt-4 neon wiring

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00-02 vs Srt-4 neon wiring

Post by refect » Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:31 pm

Does anyone have access to, or know the wiring diagram for the 2000 engine bay harness and the Srt engine bay harness ( the two plugs that connect the engie bay harness to the junction box for the interior harness)? I am trying to compare the pins from a 2000 engine bay harness to an srt4 engine bay harness. The a/c conpressor doesn't get power when switched on (this was after my Srt swap), and I am trying to see if it is because the pins aren't matching up with my regular 00 interior dash harness. Don't want to go through switching out the dash harness, and would rather just switch pins on the connector if possible...

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Post by occasional demons » Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:13 pm

The actual connectors, and pin styles are different. the moved wires to different connectors from 2002, to 2003. I discovered this when adding cruise control to my '01, trying to use an '04 wiring diagram/connector pin out.

I believe the colors stayed the same for the most part. If you have a spare harness, you could use the internal pins, and splice the needed wires to the spares if needed, and plug those into the new connector.
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