Are you a rally fan? We need crew!

Have some questions about AutoX or Rally racing, like what types of tires are good or where to start for suspension, ect... ask them here.
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Are you a rally fan? We need crew!

Post by webkris » Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:06 am

Greets - Kris from here.
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As some of you know we have built a new 2GN rallycar and are racing it in the California Rally Series. We're going to be rallying in our favorite event: The Prescott Rally in Prescott, AZ. If you are at all cose or willing to drive there for the weekend of September 28-30th 2012 (Friday too) we could use your help! Want to spend a great weekend outdoors helping us race? Ever want to experience a rally instead of just watching it? We need your help! Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, we could use your help.

If you're not close to AZ, but you're a rally fan, we're having a twitter contest that's has 3 pretty cool prizes. The same G-Shock rally watch that I wear when we rally, A LifeHammer for the car, or a rally grab bag. We don't want to spam anyone, we're just doing this out of our own pocket to get as many people as possible excited about rally in the US.

Thanks guys!
We'll see you on the stages!
- Kris

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