Crankshaft tone wheel, reoccurring p0339

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Crankshaft tone wheel, reoccurring p0339

Post by akirony » Thu Jan 31, 2019 7:36 pm

04 R/T engine in 03 SXT. Has been running pretty stupidly for the last 3months. It all started after I had my CKP sensor go out and stalled during rush hr traffic. I cleaned the connector because it was covered in oil and it drove 2miles before stalling again due to me forgetting to install the intake vac hose. Replaced CKPsensor&connector,CMP sensor,CAM-Magnet, extra grounds, VC gasket, ign coil, tune up, new modern injector connectors, and a super loud brute power fuel pump.
I've checked wiring numerous times then finally gave up when I had a constant p0204 and swapped the R/T pcm with one of my known-good sxt Pcms I have and still no change besides no more p0204. The sensors are auto parts and not mopar but mopars are on the way.
I will say that i engine brake... ALOT(way more than your average bear) mainly due to the random exhaust gunshots scaring pedestrians :twisted: , but I just started noticing a little noise on the initial engine braking jerk that sounds metallic/clunky. I dont even think I should bother pulling the engine because I see the bolts on pictures without pans and before I give up completely and swap to 2.4 I wanna try to get those bolts snug as possible and check tightness.

So does anyone know what the torque specs to those bolts are and if they require locktite? Also should I just replace the bottom end entirely or drive til it gives then swap?
I'll work on my popping habit I promise [-o< , I just really miss WOT and hearing my butterflies open :cry:
Have car-have car problems. Have srt4-have speed problems

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