cv joint for drive shaft 04668953AC/4668953AC

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cv joint for drive shaft 04668953AC/4668953AC

Post by FinNeon » Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:35 am

Hi and greetings from Finland.

I have a problem with my Neon 2.0 -00 with manual gearbox

I am trying to get a new cv joint and there seems to be two different models.
first is with 23 splines in drive shaft end and second is 22

Does the first digit of part number make any difference, because I get different search results when I'm searchin with '04668953AC' or '4668953AC'

I know, that I can buy whole drive shaft from Rockauto, but I'm just curious why different results with same? number.

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Re: cv joint for drive shaft 04668953AC/4668953AC

Post by occasional demons » Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:01 am

When looking up the pn on Chrysler/FCA sites, leave the zero off.

Actual Mopar numbers do not include the zero, even though some of the PDF parts lists show it. I believe it was only there to make it more difficult for the general public to source parts without using a dealer parts person.

Ii the past, I have had some parts counter people at Chrysler dealers get prickly when providing them with part numbers, wanting to know where I got the numbers/list price. I guess they were worried about their job security, and ability to price gouge. I mean there is this thing called the "internet" after all...

Non Mopar sites may use it either way, but as you know, results may vary.

All 2.0 neons should have the same number of splines, but the R/T's and 2003 up have a wider wheel bearing, and hub, so the outer splines are longer on those CV shafts.

The SRT-4 I believe has a different spline count.

Being an export, I don't know if they used the narrow bearing or the wider bearing in the early years like the standard domestic market neons.

My recommendation is to pull the shaft and measure the spline length, and count, to be sure you order the correct part. A bit of a pain, but less than tearing it all apart and have the wrong part when going to put it back together. Look at it as a practice run for the actual replacement.
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Re: cv joint for drive shaft 04668953AC/4668953AC

Post by FinNeon » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:27 pm

Thanks for the answer.

Maybe I just rip the joint boot out, it's broken anyway, so I can check if I can count the splines.
I'll count on that, that there is only one option in spline lenght on the hub side, when it's a basic model.
I also heard from a couple local USparts salesman, that in 2002 the front hub got different type bearing.
But on the other hand, someone has put -00 axles on 04- model with -02 tranny, so what to expect... :shock:
They should be able to mix pretty good.

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