Which clutch would you guys suggest?

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Which clutch would you guys suggest?

Post by ctneon99 » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:16 pm

I have a built 01 r/t with a 60 trim and it just ate right throught my clutch. Alot of people say stay away from the spec (thats what i had) and also stay away from the Centerforce. Does anybody have any suggestions or opinions on which clutch i should get?

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Post by warock » Tue Sep 12, 2006 3:15 pm

try fidneza their stuff seems to be good quality

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Post by OB » Wed Sep 13, 2006 12:00 am

how much power/tq does your car make? just as long as you buy a clutch actually designed to hold that amount of power, i dont see u having issues. sometimes the problem is the driver, not that im saying this is the case, but many times it is.

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Post by minidodge32 » Wed Sep 13, 2006 2:48 pm

yeah dude, orangeblast is right. All clutches have like a 500 mile break in period that a lot of idiots ignore. They come out of the repair shop, jump it in first and then drop the clutch in second and complain about how that brand sucks. I've got a centerforce on mine and my dads 72 duster with a high performance tranny doesn't catch as hard as my neon. But it's all up to personal selection I guess.

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