03 SE Bumper FMIC Thickness

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03 SE Bumper FMIC Thickness

Post by NASTEON » Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:12 pm

Hey everyone I'm a new neon owner and almost immediately started with an SRT4 swap. I do have a question about intercooler thickness fitment, I have exhausted my research on it and came up with a few things but not exactly what I am looking for. All the threads I have found are years old and may or may not effect intercooler choice depending on what is still available. I saw a post that the MPX intercooler fits just fine behind a stock 03 bumper but have read reviews about big pressure drops in this unit, I have also read about the ED Super Beast but cant find it, my search is narrowing down to the AGP Race FMIC...

I currently run a Borg Warner S256 turbo ( will be tuned for 22psi) so my fmic needs are big and well the MPX is 3.5" thick and the EDSB is 4" thick however the AGP Race is 4.5" thick...I guess what I'm getting at is what is the maximum thickness you can fit behind a stock SE bumper ? I will currently be running a "godspeed" SRT4 intercooler and of course is crap.....My tuner has put me on ths one just to get by...mainly because I have already put enough money in the car atm and unsure about fitments. I will soon have funds for an actual decent fmic...I would like the AGP Race due to it's efficiency and the popularity but I fear it is to big for the stock bumper.

What would be the best alternative BFMIC for this particular bumper style ? I have a feeling it's going to end up at the Mpx but would prefer to steer away from it, but anything I suppose is better than the $200 "godspeed" FMIC.... I can't measure my bumper atm because it is sitting an hour or so away from where I live so hence why I am asking this :cheers:

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Here is my current ebay setup :laughing7:


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