Boost Control Help

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Boost Control Help

Post by 05MoparSRT4 » Sun May 11, 2014 9:04 pm

Recently just installed a diablo tune from the intune and I removed my MBC. My question is now the boost control option has 1k-2k 3k-4k etc....I'm on a stock turbo 91 tune turboxs BOV injen sai what is the best option for boost? I want around 15 psi safely if that's okay? What's your opinion thoughts and ideas? I was thinking doing the 3k-4k option but I'm no sure what any of those options mean If someone can clarify. I'm new to this tuning so any help would be greatly apperciated!

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Post by Jenni » Mon May 12, 2014 3:51 pm

19 psi is fine with stage 1 injectors (2004 & 2005 stock), stock turbo and stock sensors.

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Post by BlackRoseRacing » Wed May 21, 2014 10:52 pm

Can you monitor air fuel ratios?
You want to boost it, you better be hovering around 11.5 ratios under boost! If you run 12.5 ratios without an upgraded cooling system you will start to detonate and possibly blow your engine.
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