Help please!

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Help please!

Post by 05MoparSRT4 » Tue May 13, 2014 6:16 pm

I am so confused guys it's not even funny. I am new to the tuning, performance world. Any help would be greatly appreciated with no dick comments please. Anyways some background information:

I bought my '05 SRT last year around this time. It had a catless downpipe with a mopar exhaust back, injen short air intake, turboxs blow off valve, AGP WGA, and a HBC manual boost controller on a stock turbo. A year later I bought myself a Diablo intune. I want to boost a little faster then what I was doing before (14 pounds) I was thinking 18/19 PSI. Which brings me up to my next few questions here.

I took my car to a local tuner seemed to be the popular guy around here and he told me to get a 3bar map and tip sensor a direct fit intercooler and 650cc injectors before the 91 octane tune (which is the only option the intune allows me to put on) otherwise it would hurt my engine. Can I leave the 91 tune on there safely without hurting stock internals and turbo?

3.) In the intune settings it allows me to control boost level, it gives me 1K-2K 3K-4K 4K-5K what does that mean and how do I adjust the different levels of boost?

4.) I removed my Manual boost controller. I took the hose that went from the WGA to the MBC and i set it back up to the turbo and now I won't boost past 10 PSI. It spikes to 10 PSI then it slowly drops. My boost gauge (oem) is not calibrated right either. It has -10 on the vacuum side when the car is off. So is my boost gauge not working and that is why it spikes to 10 then slowly drops or do I have a boost leak?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and explanations as well! As I am new to this all

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Post by Pimp_Daddy_Patty » Tue May 20, 2014 5:58 am

Definitely get a new boost gauge before continuing.
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Post by BlackRoseRacing » Wed May 21, 2014 10:49 pm

Syked tuning is working on the OEM pcm's right now. The next best option until he is ready to go is the DiabloSport. They have preprogrammed software based on a stock SRT4 to increase performance. Beyond that you will have to wait for something to become more readily available that works
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