2nd gen plastic SOHC intake vs Magnum intake?

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2nd gen plastic SOHC intake vs Magnum intake?

Post by timk225 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:16 pm

I've read that the stock plastic 2nd gen SOHC intake is actually pretty good, and I've read about how the Magnum intake works and why it is how it is.

Given an otherwise equal engine setup, how does a plastic intake compare to the Magnum intake on the dyno? I believe it's only over 6000 rpm that the Magnum is better, but even then not by a whole lot.

If we need to be specific about the engine for comparison purposes, let's say it's a stock Magnum engine with a ported and polished Magnum head, Crane 12 cam, and Pacesetter header. So stock ASIDE from these listed mods.

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Post by chew* » Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:18 pm

Under 3K there is a performance improvement as well as the top end if running off an R/T pcm.

Something thats kind of hard to duplicate however if running a window switch.

Runners open up to 3K rpm if WOT then close, then reopen at 5200 rpm

I suspect this is to aid in leaning the a/f at WOT from Idle to 3K seeing as these cars run a bit rich from the hole.

IME personally from running both intakes with a working 02 R/T pcm ( pulls most timing )

Current Mods
ported stock head non magnum
R/T stock exhaust including cat( looks cool but otherwise pointless )
Ported Magnum intake
60mm tb
02 r/t pcm
3.94 LSD trans with centerforce stage 3

Plastic intake + more torque on the low RPM range falls on its face at 5800ish which is counter productive to having a cam.

Magnum intake slight loss of torque and some low rpm bogging with greatly improved top end on an otherwise stock engine.

I'd muster a guess that in my case I'm getting plenty of air in and not enough out atm ( stock head exh ports creating bottleneck ) which could explain the "flat spot"

Most notable is fuel mileage will decrease. Don't expect miracles however.

This is just butt dyno and personal experience, can't dyno/tune till I fix my msd distach driver so I can tune with my apex and even then won't bother till other engine goes in.

Best thing to do is just try. IIRC a ported stock alum first gen intake with the 90 removed is a great performing alternative.

No single mod will make much difference but the right combo of mods that compliment each other can make a significant improvement.

I'm playing with fine tuning exhaust backpressure at the moment with noticeable gains and losses.
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Post by ZeroChad » Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:43 am

It will change your intake sound somewhat as well. The plastic intake seemed to have more resonance.
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Post by occasional demons » Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:13 am

The 1gn plastic IM has been dyno proven to make more overall power than the Magnum IM. There is a thread on it somewhere.

The Magnum IM is also much heavier than the plastic IM. If only they had made it from plastic...

After seeing the dyno results, I have lost most of my ambition to install the Magnum IM over my Ghetto Blaster 1gn full length runner manifold. I have a strong feeling the Mag IM will be a downgrade.

At least with a 60mm TB on either. With the stock TB, possibly the Magnum might have the advantage. But once you get the feel for a 60mm TB, there is no satisfaction in going back to stock.
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