what is the greatest movie/TV line

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Post by Undesolved » Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:36 pm

"Thats what i love about these highschool girls. I get older and they stay the same age."

"Boys back in 'Nam my sargeant told us 'BOYS!?!?! 50 of yous is goin in, 25 of yah ain't commin back"

Seth T.

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Post by esteinmaier » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:48 pm

Hello ma'am.

My goodness, you have such an
attractive little garden here.

Why thank you, young man. I just planted
those flowers last week. My, how they grow!

Yes ma'am.

We're from the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Oh, the Mormons.

That's right. I'm... I'm Elder Young,
and this is Elder White.

Well, you two boys can just fuck right off.


You heard me.
Take that Book of Mormom and shove it so far up your righteous asses that you choke, you soul-soliciting pigfuckers!

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Post by NiteHawk » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:53 pm

heyitsstock wrote:Major Pain
"are you deaf or just plain stupid?
yes sir, actually, he is deaf


im sorry mister handicapped man, I didn't mean to offend you. Can you read lips? Can u speak sign language?

`noods yes`

Good, well then if you dont answer me, when i speak to you. IMMA PUT MY FOOT IN YOUR ASS! IS THAT CLEAR DUMBY!

dir ye dir"
fixed it for ya...
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Post by caustic neon » Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:34 am

yes i'm serous

and don't call me Shirley
Bacon is a Vegetable

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