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Post by Haganracing » Wed May 04, 2011 8:59 pm

glasswars wrote:
Fuzzyneon wrote:God damn i might pick up some oxyelite ive been working out 4 times a week for 3 weeks or so and im seeing results but have been trying to look into something to aid me another 20 pounds or so and it seems from what ive briefly read it gives you a bit more energy during work outs witch should help me get a jump start
don man you wanna lose that extra 20 you gotta stop drinking.... lol
That will be the thing that ends the world..

Fuzzy stops drinking > 2012
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Dirt McGirt

Post by Dirt McGirt » Thu May 05, 2011 1:19 am

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I have been preaching that sugar is the devil for awhile, so by all means have that piece of cake and all the bread and find yourself in a fat prison called your body.

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Post by contagious18 » Fri May 06, 2011 1:20 am

Has anyone said protein? Has helped me out a lot on cutting fat and major muscle
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Post by cgneon » Sat May 07, 2011 11:50 am

i use 2 websites for info and tracking...

johnstonefitness.com hit the forums there, fatloss/cutting section, and beginner section, read the stickies.

and i swear by livestrong.com make a free account there, and use the myplate section, plug in you stats what you want to lose, and track all your food. i followed the numbers exactly, and lost exactly as it stated i would.. 5'9" 220 at start, only lifting weights, and no cardio.. down 26lbs so far.. 15 more to go,..

the only supplements i use is a daily multivitamin, and protein powder...

a sample day looks like this..

breakfast: 2eggs half bagel/cream cheese, protein shake. bout 450cal

morning snack double scoop protein powder shake bout 280cal

lunch, chicken/cheddar on a flatout wrap and some rice/potato/chips.. whatever i have really 500cal

afternoon snack, cottage cheese, or granola bar, or 10z cheddar, or nuts... 200cal

dinner 4-6oz chicken, or lean beef, with rice or sweet potato... 400 cal or so..

i avg 1900-2000calories.. 200g protein, 140sh carbs, 50-60g fats....

i premake a bunch of chicken and steam a bunch of potatos, and rice to last me all week...
i buy a lb of lean ground beef, and split it into 1/4lb patties and freeze them for quick burgers.. buy frozen veggies in bulk, they last longer.

dont waste your money on fancy supplements until you decide to get real serious and need to be more meticulous with training and food macros..

good luck man, its a bitch to lose it, but well wortth it...

edit: and i only drink WATER, not milk, not juice, not soda diet tea etc etc..... water water water, i cannot stress that enough, get at least a gallon a day, (128oz).. its not hard...i drink about 24oz of water just with breakfast.. its easy to meet that by the end of the day.... well and i treat myself to a 6pack of good beer on the weekends...
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