Syked ECU, SCT handheld.

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Syked ECU, SCT handheld.

Post by Skitlz » Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:07 pm

I purchased a Syked ECU handheld tuner around six months ago. The delivery was prompt with great communication.

The tuning process is simple. The handheld plugs into the OBD-II port below the steering wheel. Once you select the Syked tune, the handheld prompts you to turn the key on, off, or take it out throughout the 10 minute-ish process. It then plays an awesome "victory" sound, indicating awesome things are in store.

The increase in power is dramatic. I honestly had my doubts that there would be much difference, because I am a pessimist. I was proven wrong ten-fold! I immediately took my Neon on a backroad and floored it. The engine sounded absolutely vicious! The butt-dyno kicked in, along with a huge grin. It's not just the butt-dyno, though: viewtopic.php?t=66391 .

A couple of weeks ago I temporarily removed the tune because I spaced and put regular gas in. I had gotten so used to the new performance that it felt like I was driving through molasses. I used to think that mostly stock Neons felt uppity, but now I'm spoiled. : )

My car has mostly bolt-ons at the moment, but Syked ECU also does custom tunes. So when I do invest the time (and money) in some more hardcore modifications, I will still be set!

So go get one! : )

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