chatter in my steering

Have some questions about how to achive better handling and stopping power using different springs, upgrading to coilovers, questions on swaybars, bushings, different rotors, pads, ect... Having any steering problems or questions about steering racks, tie rods, tie rod ends, ect... ask these questions here.
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chatter in my steering

Post by ejclide » Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:01 am

Hey guys, I need to confirm a fear that I'm currently stewing over.

When making turns and even going in a straight line I'm getting a lot of chatter in the steering (easily felt through the wheel) over small and large bumps alike. I examined my steering components and found that the outer tie rods are fine. The inners do not make any noise when being worked in a cross car direction, but they are making noises like clicking and also a kind of squeaking or whining noise when moved forward and aft in car.

Sounds like the bushings in my rack are going, right?

Please enlighten me if you disagree. I should be putting on some new suspension this weekend (**cough cough BC's finally COUGH COUGH**) so that will hopefully eliminate the possibility of chattering struts or mounts. the LCA Bushings are also intact.

I'll update whether the situation remains after I get the BC's on. Thanks for input guys
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Post by occasional demons » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:44 am

Well to be sure, you could remove the bellows, and visually check, but It sounds like my old rack did. I thought I had a bad inner, but the whole rack was flopping bac and forth at full turn.

If the wheels are turned to lock one way or the other, and you can grab the tire, engine off, and rock it back and forth, and it clunks, then it may be the rack bushings.

I reused my inners, and it seems ok. (Mainly because MTX inner tie rods are not commonly stocked at most parts stores, and the prices on them are ridiculous compared to ATX inners.
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