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Sebring rear disc swap.

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:18 pm
by MoparForums76
New guy checking in here, I've had my 00 mtx for less than a year now.
I've been searching through forums in my spare time to soak all the info up. When my driver side shoes separated and started rolling freely in the drum producing the lovliest of noises I figured it was time for the rear disc upgrade... what followed was a series of ups and downs. It ended with Sebring rear discs from an 01 being mounted at the 12clock position.

This was not my original intent, nor do I recommend this set up if you can spend the money to just get proper backing plate (SRT / RT) The only reason I went this route was cost, availability, and a bit of pride once things got under way.

I literally finished this hours ago, it has since got me home and to taco Bell without complete failure so huzzah! I washed my phone last week or I would have documented my process more, but when I remove it all for inspection later this week I'll take some pictures. I searched heavily for people using cloud car suspension / brake parts on neons and came up pretty short. Has anyone else done anything like this before?

Thanks in advance and sorry for no pictures yet!

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Re: Sebring rear disc swap.

Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:51 pm
by occasional demons

I think there is a post somewhere, (or used to be) with rear disc options that may work on neons. As long as the bleeder screws are on top, and they do the job, I think that's the important part!

Looking forward to pics!

Re: Sebring rear disc swap.

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:42 pm
by MoparForums76
Well! Sorry for the delay but here they are.

I was searching the yard for rear disc neons / pts in a cloud of cloud after some head scratching and some junkyard mock up (minus the caliper....lovely mistake on my end.) I found the rear disc Sebring backing plates matched our knuckles perfect.

It wasn't until I got them out the yard and on my lovely Mopar gem that I realized the caliper slide bolts hit the LCA bolt. Even flipped the bolt around to no added clearances. Well fudge...

I was sitting in my buddies shop outside lot, surrounded by Mopar haters with a point to prove. This wasn't over. I'll carry on my post and pics of the knuckle template i made.

Back to the JY for now.ImageImageImageImage

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