Turtle Wax's Black Box

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Turtle Wax's Black Box

Post by iThane » Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:48 am

I'd like to share my experience with this kit i got for ~$20 at autozone,
and would like to start by saying that $20 is a rediculous price for this
product. They honestly should charge more because of the fine
difference this has made for me..


Lets organize this with pros and cons:

Removes fine swirl lines
Darkens deeper scratches
You definitely get your money's worth

The product can stain
I found it a bit hard to remove

And I'll prove my point by adding pictures:





This has definitely improved the finish of my car and it shines
better too. I love the outcome and honestly wasn't expecting
this much, especially from just a $20 kit!

My only advice if you use this product:
Wear gloves: reason being...

Work slow. If you're impatient like I was at times by loading the
applicators with wax, it may slide off and land on the ground, which
is extremely hard (if its even possible) to remove.

And try to remove the stuff before it gets too dry, otherwise you'll
have on hell of a time removing the residue.. for example, this was
left on for too long.


PITA to get it all off..

all in all, i give this product two huge thumbs up. i was so surprised
by how well it actually worked!
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Post by Lantern04rt » Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:12 am

I just did my car with this kit also lol and posted pics in the pic section I also had great luck with it and agree its pita to get off if its on too long but does an amazing job :thumbup:

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Post by black03rt » Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:09 pm

I agree with you. Amazing stuff! I did my r/t and wanted to keep it when I was finished lol I wore gloves as advised by someone who used it previously.
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