The Newest For Sale Guidelines - Read before posting!

Trying to sell your Neon and want to get the word out, maybe someone on here would like to buy it from you. Post your Forsale Ad here.
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The Newest For Sale Guidelines - Read before posting!

Post by LowNSlow » Wed May 19, 2010 8:37 pm

Below are the newest guide lines to the for sale section.

This does include ALL for sale sections.

Threads that do not comply will be locked. I will post a link to this guide line and when you are able to comply, PM me and I will unlock your thread.

I will allow 7 days from 5/19/2010 to give everyone a chance to read this thread. On 5/26/2010 I will lock the threads that do not comply

At the beginning of your post you MUST have the following information.

Name: Your Actual name not screen name
Location: Your city/state
Contact info: E-mail Address, AIM, Phone number. Only 1 is needed.
Pictures: I WILL lock your thread if you do not provide ACTUAL pictures of said item. You can PM me when you get some and I will unlock your thread.
Feedback: A link to your feedback on 2GN, Ebay, SRTForums,, any of these will suffice

We have implemented a post count requirement of 40 posts before you will be allowed to post items for sale on the forum. When you reach the required 40 posts, your username will automatically be given permission to post new threads.

However, if we see that the 40 posts that were being made were "garbage posts" (posts made solely to gain the required posts) the staff reserves the right to revoke your permission and remove your for sale posts.

Any questions, please contact myself or another member of the staff and we'll do our best to answer them for you.



Edit 6/2/2010

From today moving forward a seller is not allowed to request that Paypal payment be sent as a gift. Offending posts will be locked and/or removed at the moderators discretion. If a "gift payment" is arranged through PM or otherwise, the buyer will not receive support from the staff to attempt to collect lost goods/money in the event there is an issue.



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