PA: 2002 Dodge Neon CG ATX Parts Car

Trying to sell your Neon and want to get the word out, maybe someone on here would like to buy it from you. Post your Forsale Ad here.
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PA: 2002 Dodge Neon CG ATX Parts Car

Post by 02goldse » Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:41 am

Name: Rob Fisher
Located: Northeastern PA
Contact: 570-401-5838 Text or Call, but I dont answer numbers idk, so please leave a message I'll get back to you and please state why you are texting me also.

ASKING 700 or obo or Trade me a blown up 240 lol

Hey 2gn, I have finally decided to part ways with my trusty neon :( I really shouldnt, because ive had the car since I was 16 and I its never let me down and Im 25 so yeah I can vouch for neons being hella reliable if taken care of, but I just dont have the time to finish fixing it and need the money for other things. Btw it still ran when I parked it at the end of January in the garage to start doing a full tune up. I was in the process of changing the intake manifold gasket,e brake cable, and map sensor, but never ended up getting the parts due to me being tangled up helping my buddy with getting his rb25det 240 running. So with that being said it needs to be towed. Heres what the car is I dont have any pics of it on my laptop and it looks nothing like it used to, because I used it as my daily when I had my 240.

2002 Neon Cinnamon Glaze
Right Fender is from one of those Light tan color neons :tardbang:

Sohc Engine with 162xxx on the clock:
RAN ROUGH, IDLED FINE, it would misfire under heavy throttle like going up a hill, but other than that flat driving it was fine come to a steep hill forget it. Sounds like the lifter is ticking and it sounds like a card in bike spokes. Good for a spare engine to rebuild

Atx trans shifted fine and its the 4spd atx, has replacement TCU on it. Old one failed.

Pacesetter 4-1 exhaust manifold
1gn Metal VC
Some cheap strut bar that the chrome is coming off, would be nice to sand blast and powder coat
AEM Cold Air Intake with Spectre Cone
01 "Carbon Fiber" HVAC surround
PT Cruiser ATX Shift Knob
Tinted Tails
Rear Bumper Cut for Srt dual exhaust
Energy Suspension Solid mount inserts, top mount and lower mount the red ones
Piaa foglight wiring harness with switch wired to 02 fog plugs(not sure if the plugs are still intact, due to the car living the low life for a little)
Manual windows and mirrors
Hood has rust cancer above the passenger headlight
passenger headlight tabs no longer exist :banghead:
Has a little spot of rust on the "dog leg" on driver side
Rockers are :cussing: along with the roll under the door. They sell replacement panels for cheap to fix that.
Lets just say its got a story for every dent lol
Wingless CG trunk has dent in the middle
03-05 springs and struts(sits a little higher imo than the 02 combination)

I hate to see it go, but its time for me to move on. It needs to be trailered since its apart and not inspected. Somebody come give this thing a good home and take it off my hands. Decent shell for an Srt swap or 2.4 swap.

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