97 neon w/ SRT4 swap *CHEAP* SOLD!!!

Trying to sell your Neon and want to get the word out, maybe someone on here would like to buy it from you. Post your Forsale Ad here.
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97 neon w/ SRT4 swap *CHEAP* SOLD!!!

Post by speed127 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:10 pm

Name: Tim Borton
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Well sadly before I finished her I need to sell my 97 neon srt4 swap to pay for some stuff for my truck that got hit. Selling AS IS and no neg price. Its dirt cheap IMOP but its actually what I have into it at the moment.


Car runs, drives and shifts great with the srt4 engine and a 3.55 trans. Has a larger capacity aluminum radiator, so no overheating problems. Large front mount intercooler and genuine turbonetics BOV. Battery was relocated into the trunk and the wiring from the taillights to the headlights is all srt4. Skim, key and computer all match and most important is there are no codes. Has mint condition reupholsterd srt4 srs seats and the headlights and front turns are brand new depos. 17in rims are in decent condition and the tires still have quite a bit of life in them.

The problems with the car and the reason I would still consider this a project is it needs some body work and then a paintjob to bring it back to mint IMOP. There are only 2 dents, one on the fender and then one larger one on the front of the roof where the previous owners hood had flown open. The rear bumper could also use a little more work as I grafted in a 2nd gen mopar rear lip. Other things to do are, 1: need to install 2nd gen steering wheel (included with car mint srt4 wheel and airbag) 2: The fuel gauge reads backwards since it still has the first gen pump in it so It will need a 2nd gen pump. (included with the car complete pump assembly. with a walbro 255 and bottlneck fix already done) 3: the dash has a 2in crack in it (like normal) and it's also missing the pass side little vent. 4: doesn't have a muffler, although it has 3in exhaust running all the way back I cut out the tin can right after it went over the rear axle. Was gona get one installed once I had the mopar lip grafted on the way I liked but never got that far.

I would suggest picking this up with a trailer for 2 reasons, One is its crazy LOUD because of the missing muffler and the other reason is because of the fuel pump still being the 1st gen one. You don't want to starve the engine of fuel and then have detonation. It's been sitting for about 2 going on 3 months now so the rotors also have some rust on them but that should wear right off when you start driving it. (yes front and rear disks)

Now the pics!!!!

New depos and front turns (also will be including another front bumper I have)

Xenon side skirts and 17in rims


Grafted on 2nd gen mopar rear lip

Interior w/ old steering wheel (butt splices are on the old clockspring thats still under the wheel. No butt splices were used when doing this, in the few spots that needed changing, it was soldered)

wheel thats also included

clockspring (that's hanging) connected to srt wiring harness that needs to be installed when the new steering wheel is put on

cracked dash and missing vent

Srs seats



alu. radiator

heat shielding on firewall

Walbro fuel pump assembly w/ bottle neck fix

dent on fender

dent on roof from both sides

- Custom or Nuthin -
-My SRT4 swap project log-
-My 2nd gen progress log-
-My 1st gen project log-
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Post by occasional demons » Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:59 am

Damn, didn't even see this. :lol:

To whomever bought it: That 2gn pump module may not fit into the 1gn tank. I attempted that very thing a few months back. The 2gn module measures slightly larger (about .070"), making it impossible in my case to use the module in the 1gn tank. Even lubing it didn't work, there was just not enough room with the seal to get it in there.

Might be simpler to just swap the sender...
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