PCM VIN flashing service

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PCM VIN flashing service

Post by sidepipe87 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:33 pm

Name: Ryan B
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: pcmvinflashing [at] gmail [dot] com, PM for cell
Feedback: here, eBay, srtforums

Well I finally decided to get setup as a vendor on here to offer my services openly to the community. Many of you already know I offer VIN flashing services for folks, but if you didn't know, read on.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently only offering this service for NGC PCMs which are found in 03-05 neons (see photo below). I have not VIN flashed any other NGC Chrysler PCMs (PT GT etc.), but I do have the ability to do so with my bench flash unit I built, I simply have not had a request to do so. I fully intend to be able to flash SBEC PCMs found in 00-02 neons very soon as well. I am still waiting on a few pieces to get that fully implemented and tested.





What is the purpose?

***This service is for people that buy replacement PCMs (ex. 03-05 neon) whether it be stock replacement for a dead PCM, transmission swap, a Mopar Staged upgrade for SRT-4, a Syked ECU, whatever. If it's an NGC PCM it can be flashed with your vehicles VIN so that you do not run into start and stall issues stemming from an unprogrammed PCM

Can I get my PCM flashed?

***Currently I have the ability to flash NGC PCMs, but will shortly have the ability to flash SBEC PCMs as well.

How much does it cost?

***I charge a flat $50 fee for VIN flashing via PayPal which includes return shipping costs via USPS Priority Mail. Price is only guaranteed for people in the lower 48 states. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or anyone else please PM me to discussing shipping costs.

How can I pay?

***PayPal: pcmvinflashing [at] gmail [dot] com

How long does it take?

***I am normally able to do the VIN flashing the same day I receive the PCM and ship it out the next day assuming the post office is open. Upon shipping I will provide you with a USPS tracking number

What will I need to provide?

***In addition to proving your PCM I will also need a typed copy of your VIN number for the car the PCM will be going into. I also ask that you remove the bracket from the PCM as that makes shipping more difficult and costly.

How can I contact you?

***You can PM here for the quickest response, also feel free to check out my Facebook page located here: Neon PCMs Plus

What if I have a problem?

***I have yet to see a problem arise from me simply flashing a VIN into a PCM, but in the off chance something does happen, message me and I will help trouble shoot to the best of my abilities to determine if it is related to the service I provided or not.

Thank you!

All business is appreciated as I am just one person doing this on the side to help out the community and make a few dollars here and there at a cheaper rate and quicker turnaround time than the competition. I always put forth my very best effort to ensure you are satisfied because the bottom line is any vendor is only as good as their reputation.
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Re: PCM VIN flashing service

Post by zombiemisfit777 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 12:55 pm

Are you still providing this service. And are you able to do a 2008 caliber srt4 pcm

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