Todays Outtage Explanation

If we make changes, if the boards will be down, or if we just want to let everyone know about something, we'll be posting it here.
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Todays Outtage Explanation

Post by Diablo0 » Thu Mar 22, 2007 9:12 pm

As most of you are aware, there was an issue with the forum today. I'm not exactly sure what caused the problem but was notified today around 12-noon Eastern that the forum was partially down where you couldn't view topics.

I wasn't able to fix the problem right away as I was at work and unable to take care of it from there like I would have been if I was here at home. However, it looks like it was an easy fix, just a simple coding issue that popped up and everything should be working fine now.

I apologize for the downtime that happened today, I wish I could have done something about it sooner but was unable to due to work and other reasons. I try to make my best effort to fix problems as soon as I'm physically able to but I'm sorry that it was down for such a long time.

If there is ever a problem like there was today, please let myself or one of the moderators know about it and they will notify me ASAP. Some nights I'm unable to check the forum but if there is a situation I'll try to make time as best I can to resolve any situations that arise.

Just PM, or E-Mail me and those messages will be forwarded to my cell phone. You can also E-Mail and that will also be forwarded to my phone. That address typically takes longer to reach me where the others like the PM and E-mail are nearly immediate but if my home computer is down for some reason, I will not receive them since they are relayed through my home computer.

Just a few options on how to contact me directly. Like I said though, I apologize for the problem that happened today but it looks to be working correctly now...
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