Possible Forum Outage - AOL Users READ THIS!

If we make changes, if the boards will be down, or if we just want to let everyone know about something, we'll be posting it here.
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Possible Forum Outage - AOL Users READ THIS!

Post by Diablo0 » Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:59 pm

It has come to my attention that my host has been getting reports from an ISP (Possibly AOL) that 2GN is spamming them and is blacklisting us. This is not the case though since the only e-mails being dispatched from 2GN are the normal forum e-mails like thread notifications and such. Due to this though I am forced to block all AOL e-mail address from the forum. If you use an AOL e-mail address you will have to change it to a non-AOL address in order to continue receiving forum e-mails.

Also, because of this the hosting company has threatened to suspend my account so if the site goes down, this is the reason.

Any questions, please PM me or contact me at Admin@2gn.org or if the site is down Diablo0RT@gmail.com.

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