Official Announcement: Non-2GN, 2GN Of The Month

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Official Announcement: Non-2GN, 2GN Of The Month

Post by racer12306 » Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:54 pm

Thats right folks, we are going to have a 2gn Of The Month specifically for all of our members that no long have 2gn Neons or that have other cars that are not 2gn Neons.

All the same rules apply. Submissions will still be handled in the same manor. Everything will be the same, except the cars featured will not be 2gn Neons.

Depending on the popularity of this there may be more than two choices for the month that this takes place.

The actual month that this will happen is up in the air still, but I'm thinking it will be October or November.

All Details

Submission Instructions

Tips/Info for 2gn Of The Month
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