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Post by Danteneon » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:08 pm

NeonNick925 wrote:uhhhh did you miss the bolded part? where Jason said in the near future he was gonna be updating the forum,which was well over a year ago... And thats awesome your a moderator,doesnt mean i need you to answer for another grown man. Now if you would have responded with some useful info that woulda been great. something to the effect of, "jus talk to Jason about updating the system but it is no longer gonna happen do to the cost as its out of his pocket" id be more appt to hear your 2 cents...
Nope, I didn't miss it at all. It's the whole reason I quoted it for you. And yes, it is awesome I'm a moderator. And in case you didn't know, that's what moderators do...answer questions and clarify posts. Crazy, right?

My info was very helpful (at least I thought it was). Perhaps I should have said to you "Hey, by the way, we are still phpBB2 so see Jason's post from a year ago". My mistake for thinking that you would notice the difference in the forum layout if we had updated to phpBB3 during the past year.

As to the matter of you being bothered by hearing my 2 cents, deal with it. I don't pick on, attack, belittle, or talk down to other members here. What I do is help. Whether you want to hear it or not is your issue.
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Post by racer12306 » Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:30 pm

So here's the deal...

Until this board updates to phpBB3 it's not going to happen as it's impossible. When the board updates the new software you will know. At that time we can reopen this discussion. Until then the whole thing is moooo*.

* it's like a cows opinion, it doesn't matter.
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