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Post by TurboAttack » Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:49 pm

I just seen the clip at the bottom of the site for 1st gen neons so i click it and go to register. well for some stupid reason it put me at under 13 or 18 what ever happened. this is the funny part when i went to my email it said i need to fax or mail in my parents permission. haha im 26! i dont know if that page is ran by the same people of this forum but i was just wondering how i could change that or some how be able to use TurboAttack on that one as well. If not i guess its my loss. I figured i would share that seeing that it was my F up. if possible let me know what can be done. Just send it to my inbox and i will reply! ttyl :Paul :cussing:
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