2019 2GN.org Meet Information

Organizing a Neon meet for your area and would like to draw some more people to it from the surrounding areas. Know of a automotive event such as a car show, scca event, or track gathering.. Post it here, it doesn't matter what part of the country.
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2019 2GN.org Meet Information

Post by Diablo0 » Sat Jul 06, 2019 4:59 pm

Since I know some aren't on Facebook, I wanted to post this year for anyone attending. I strongly recommend everyone read this...

Now that we’re less than a week away from Carlisle, I wanted to post up some news and updates related to the following:
  • Club Participation/Registrations - CRITICAL
  • New Car Show Awards
  • Pizza/Funding
  • Raffle/Sale Items
  • Sunday Crew – Hershey Perk
As many of us know, the car is getting older, breaking down, and getting harder to find good condition parts. This has caused some within the group to move on with the purchase of a new car and leaving the club. It’s an unfortunate consequence of owning a car that’s in most cases, over 20 years old. Due to this, while I don’t have the numbers, Ed with Carlisle Events has notified me that our Club Participation numbers have fallen to the point where we’re dangerously close needing to purchase a tent, rather than getting it for free.

Hearing this news, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to register your car for the show field under 2GN.org. While I’m glad for those that come to hang out at the hotel but never go to the show, this, in the end, does hurt the club. Your registration IS what helps ensure we continue to secure a tent. The purchase of one, should our registrations not meet numbers required, would be $150... which would ultimately come out of my pocket. - no guarantees I can cover that amount next year.

So please… If you’re coming to the event. REGISTER for the Showfield with 2GN.org!

For the last several years, I and several others have noticed people just showing up to TMI for Pizza and Awards. When asking them how they found out about us, we hear “someone told us…” but they haven’t registered their car for the show, much less even been to the fairgrounds. This is disheartening since we are essentially feeding people for free when they haven’t done anything in return to support the club.

Every year except the first, I’ve bought pizza and drinks for the group either with my own money, or money from the 2GN fund from selling stickers, raffle tickets, buttons, magnets, etc… Or from people being so gracious enough to donate money without asking for anything in return. These sales and donations are what pay for pizza, drinks, awards, banners, and other costs/supplies that go into preparing for the meet. Every year but one, it’s always been a loss. (With one-year, last year, where we actually broke even on the event.)

The cost of web hosting and domain names aren’t part of that ‘breaking even’.

In an effort to break even again and help prevent people from taking advantage of the free food and drinks, we’re going to require a small payment for pizza this year.
When collecting your ballot, bring your Showfield Registration dash paper. If you’ve registered with 2GN.org, I’ll only ask for $1 per adult (kids eating free). If you haven’t registered for the show field, or haven’t registered with 2GN.org, it’ll be $5 per person (kids $5 each as well).

I’ve heard some minor grumblings these past few weeks that the awards have grown stale and would like to change that. For this year, these will be the awards up for grabs!
  1. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place – 2GN
  2. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place – 1GN
  3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place – Non-Neon
  4. Cleanest Car (as in not dirty)
  5. Lowest Car (LIMBO is back!)
  6. Coolest Owner – Regardless of the car, who’s the owner/member that’s just an all-around awesome person?
  7. Coolest Significant Other - Even if they’re just tagging along for the trip, whose significant other is extremely supportive, helpful, involved, etc…?
  8. Wives Pick – They put up with us all year round and don’t understand why we dump money into a 20-year-old car. Which car is their favorite in the group? (BONUS: the award is PINK)
  9. Staff Pick
As with prior years, tickets will remain $1 per ticket and the following will be raffled off.
  • 2019 2GN Meet Banner
  • 2019 1GN Meet Banner
  • Plastic Water Bottles
  • Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers
  • Ceramic Coasters
We’ll also be selling the following items:
  • Lanyards
  • Stickers
  • Pins
  • Improved Magnets
  • Stainless Wine Tumblers
  • Coasters
  • Small Tote Bags
Myself, Jennifer (my Wife), Andrew (my Step-Son), Mike and Ashley Ferreria will be point people for helping you with any of these items - To help you identify us, we'll be wearing NEON GREEN 2GN STAFF shirts on Saturday.

Last year, I put up a poll asking who would be interested in doing something fun on Sunday, after the event is over. A lot of people said they would be game for going to Hershey Park. If you’re planning to stay until Monday morning, we’re planning to head to Hershey Park after awards are distributed. I've never been, even though I've been doing this for 14 years.

Lastly, I do what to emphasize that I love doing this every year. What I've shared above isn't to deter or scare people from coming. I don't make money on this, far from. Proceeds don't pay for my hotel stay, gas, or car maintenance. That comes out of my own money since I think of myself as an attendee, like anyone else. I just need to ensure I can recoup the cost of Pizza, Awards, Banners, and other costs directly related to the organization of the event, and hosting costs for the website as much as possible. That way I can afford to continue to do it each and every year.
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