2.4 swap help

Doing a SRT-4 Motor swap into your Neon, maybe even a 2.4... have questions about it, what you'll need or what issues you'll run into? Answers can be found in here.
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2.4 swap help

Post by wrenchdog85 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:13 pm

ok i scored a 2.4 out of a stratus for 300 bucks, ive researched between this forum and neon one, ive got everything down pat for swapping it other than pcm and harness. i keep reading mixed things about the pcms and wiring, question is can i use my pcm i have now and do i have to re-pin it, do i use the pcm thats on the stratus, do i need to find one for a pt cruiser? and i know i have extend harness for coolant sensor thats no problem, but do i need to re-pin harness for coil and do i need to do anything with the injector sequence, also im in the air about using a srt intake manifold or 1gn manifold with the 90 degree delete you can get from modern performance, but what iac do i use, what ive got or do i have to somehow wire in the 4 wire iac? engine is coming out of a 2001 status and going into my 2001 neon 2.0 sohc non magnum. ive searched and found many different answers but nothing is clear, only thing i need clarity on, any help is much appreciated.

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Post by a23dranger » Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:51 pm

You can keep stock PCM and swap Injectors/ coil pack wires, run a pt cruiser PCM (lower rev limiter) and not swap any wires or order a Kevin Syke no pin swap 2.4 tuned PCM like I have. You can use your stock throttle body with the no 90 from modern if you cut off the 1gn tb mounting flange. Or use srt intake manifold. Mounting you'll need pt or srt oil pump/pan/pickup tube so it clear k frame and lower engine mount. You'll also need pt cruiser engine mount plate. Then use pt cruiser power steering pump and pressure line with you stock 01 resvior mounted to it. Run your own return line. Also need pt cruiser alternator brackets and ac pump/tensioner/lower motor mount bracket Aswell. Exhaust run a pt manifold and should bolt right up to your stock cat and downpipe. Just did one of these swaps for a member here. There's a few choices of ways to do it or items to use. Feel free to pm me
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