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tucson neons

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 7:30 pm
by srtjesse
hey guys anyone here in tucson az if so post up your name location type of neon and a short list of mods laters post all your info like so

2000 plymouth neon lx
2004 dodge neon se

i live in rio rico but spend most of my time in tucson since i work there and will be moving there pretty soon

i have all bolt ons possible will soon do a modern performance engine rebuil and finally insall my srt turbo that has been sitting in my house for the past year and six months hope to hear from all you other tucson members soon later

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 3:41 am
by neonpla
2002 Dodge Neon ACR
Ft. Huachuca, AZ (Sierra Vista)
Here until the end of APR.

Click my garage for mods.

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 9:59 pm
by all_motor_mike
im posting here even though i dont live in tucson........ because there are no pepole that hang out and what not on the org from az.


2 1995 1st gens (one race car one daily driver)

phoenix, az

my daily driver has are u ready for this............... a mopar pcm and an mtx swap :P and my race car is getting the works.

Posted: Fri May 30, 2008 9:58 pm
by inthewerks
east side tucson. got a 2005 dodge neon sxt. custom cai, megan springs, front/reart upper braces, linear grounding kit, voltage regulator, msd ignition, belden wires, totally custom exhaust by Arizona Radiator and Muffler. plus some exterior mods but im keepin it pretty stock on the outside.

Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 8:38 pm
by Red04SxtLuvr
04 Blaze Red SXT, Bought 12/06 used - 85778 mi, now 95120, mi. Only mods so far - new tail lights, K&N Filter. Will post pics. Really just use as a spare, but will be upgrading more soon.