Long time since

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Long time since

Post by glasswars » Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:42 pm

Well I finally took my car out for some decent photos the other day, and I was just staring at them now thinking of the past 7 years I've owned this car, and before this one the blue rice mobile that some will remember.

Just wanted to say to anyone that may be new here, you couldn't possibly be anywhere better than 2gn.org to learn and make long time friends. :thumbup:




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Post by Midnight_Rider » Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:05 pm

Anthony, so good to see you back on the boards! Don't take so long between visits. White car in white snow looks really good. :thumbup:

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Post by blueneo03 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:06 pm

Sexy.... I dont normally go for white cars, but for some reason white neons look so good! I like the red accents throughout or whatever color it actually is lol

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Post by occasional demons » Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:19 am

Midnight_Rider wrote:Anthony, so good to see you back on the boards! Don't take so long between visits. White car in white snow looks really good. :thumbup:

Planning on Carlisle this year?

Nice to "see" you!
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Post by 2005.Neon.SXT » Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:42 pm

Damn dude. Love the white... I remember seeing your car during my first deployment back in 2008 and just thinking how well you built the car... Nice to see you around, and glad you still have it!
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Post by z3roneo » Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:48 am

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Post by MyNeonSaysHi » Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:00 am

Sick ride. Car was painted or dipped? Last I remember it, it was blaze red on work wheels

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Post by LLcoolJames » Sat Feb 14, 2015 10:31 am

Im really digging the mirrors!

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