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Exterior & Aero

Post by quicksilvr » Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:18 pm

Paint Codes

PX8 Black
PRH Blaze Red Crystal Pearl
PS2 Bright Silver Metallic
PW7 Bright White
PLB Cinnamon Glaze Metallic
PRV Dark Garnet Red Pearl
PCN Deep Amethyst Pearl
PMT Deep Cranberry Pearl
PAW Deep Slate Pearl
PB5 Electric Blue Pearl
PR4 Flame Red
PG8 Forest Green Pearl
PDR Graphite Metallic
PRH Inferno Red Crystal Pearl
PKJ Light Almond Pearl
PTJ Medium Sandstone Metallic
PB8 Midnight Blue Pearl
PDM Mineral Gray Metallic
PVK Orange Blast Pearl
PB7 Patriot Blue Pearl
PE5 Salsa Red Pearl
PGR Shale Green Metallic
PYH Solar Yellow
PBQ Steel Blue Pearl
PW1 Stone White
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Post by quicksilvr » Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:31 am

Neon Aerodynamics

The PL body Neon is designed to be an economy car. While it's exterior styling is far from that of a racecar, it is surprisingly aerodynamic from the factory. The Neon line has always been this way, from the first 1995 model to the last 2005 unit. With a coefficient of drag of 0.34, the Neon creates the same drag as a Ferrari F40. Smaller cars such as the Honda Insight, which are said to have extremely low drag, register around 0.25CD, to put this into perspective. A larger vehicle, like a Dodge Ram for example, registers at 0.45CD. This is yet another factory feature that puts the Neon in a class of its own.


Interchangeable Parts

Q: What exterior parts are interchangeable between 2gn Neon's/SRT-4's

A: Taken from sticky in Exterior Forum

* '03+ headlights (including SRT) will fit on your '00-'02 with a new front bumper from the respective donor car.

* '03+ taillights (including SRT) will fit your '00-'02 with a new rear bumper from the respective donor car.

* The SRT hood will have a gap between the front of the hood and the top of the front bumper, but will fit.

* '00 style hoods have a point on them enough to cause problems with '03+ bumpers.

* ALL '00+ trunks are the same (including SRT)

* ALL '00+ front fenders are the same (including SRT)

* R/T rear bumper cut-outs are too narrow to fit the SRT exhaust.

* ALL '00+ front and rear doors are the same (including SRT)

* SRT spoiler will bolt directly to a trunk with an SXT spoiler.

*The 00-02 hood will overhang the 03+ fascia, the SRT hood with the SRT fascia will also have a 1/4-1/2" gap between them when installed


Exterior Part #'s

SRT-4 Parts
Hood - 5134116AC
Hood scoop bezel - 5029249AB
Front Facia - 5101776AB
Left fog lamp bezel - 5303603AA
Right fog lamp bezel - 5303602AA
Grill mesh (2 required) - 5303600AB
Left nostril duct - 5029433AA
Right nostril duct - 5029432AA
Left front door GFX - WW97TZZAC
Left front rocker GFX - WX37TZZAD
Left rear door GFX - WW99TZZAC
Left rear rocker GFX - WX39TZZAC
Right front door GFX - WW96TZZAC
Right front rocker GFX - WX36TZZAD
Right rear door GFX - WW98TZZAC
Right rear rocker GFX - WX38TZZAC
Rear facia - 5101777AA
Trunk "Dodge" badge - 5029566AA
Trunk "SRT-4" badge - 5029344AA
ACR Decal - 5030333AA
Front Fascia ram head - 5029621AB
Rear high rise spoiler - 82208414
Rear low rise spoiler (SXT) - 82207478
SRT-4 ACR decal - 5030333AA - 2005 (2 Needed)

R/T Parts (2001-2002)
5018993AA - Front
5018994AA - Rear
82208086 - Side Skirts

R/T Fog Lights
5303472AC - Right (2001, Glass)
5303473AC - Left (2001, Glass)

Dodge Grill
KS76SZ1 - Emblem, Ram’s Head
5114161AA - Grill

SRT-D Parts
5159092AA - Front fascia
5303594AB - Front air dam
5273673AA - Muffler w/dual chrome tips
5114171AB - Rear fascia w/ dual cut-outs
5303984AA - Rear energy absorber for fascia above
5134116AB - SRT-D hood (same hood as SRT-4)
5152032AA - SRT-D hood insert
82207478 - Rear spoiler
WW98TZZAC - Moulding, side sill rear "right"
WW99TZZAC - Moulding, side sill rear "left"
WW96TZZAC - Moulding, side sill front "right"
WW97TZZAC - Moulding, side sill front "left"
WX36TZZAD - Appliqué, front door "right"
WX37TZZAD - Appliqué, front door "left"
WX38TZZAC - Appliqué, rear door "right"
WX39TZZAC - Appliqué, rear door "left"

Export Parts
Right Fender - 5012672AD
Left Fender - 5012673AD
Fender-Mount Side Marker - 5288895AB (Lamp, Side Repeater)

Right Taillight - 5288528AJ
Left Tailight - 5288529AJ

Front R/T Bumper (without side marker holes) - 5018992AA
Chrysler Grille - 05288805AB
Grille Emblem (Winged Badge) - 05288887AA
Rear Bumper (with exhaust cut-outs) - 5018995AB
Rear Bumper (without exhaust cut-outs) - 5012902AD
These rear bumpers have the holes in them for the rear fog lamps

Right rear fog lamp - 5303394AB
Left rear fog lamp - 5303395AB
Fog lamp socket - 5288915AA (need 2) This socket uses a 3157 bulb.


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