Part Number Request: TCM for 2002 Stratus Sedan 2.4 DOHC ATX

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Part Number Request: TCM for 2002 Stratus Sedan 2.4 DOHC ATX

Post by jonnymopar » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:29 pm


I need the part number for the transmission control module for a 2002 Stratus sedan (not coupe!), 2.4L DOHC (vin X). Also it would be very helpful in my junkyard escapades if anyone could tell me which other years it's compatible with.

Jon J.

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Post by occasional demons » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:50 pm


4606357AB 1 DGL BRACKET, Transmission Control

I'm gonna guess any year up to/including 2002, that had the 41te,

AFAIK, all the divorced TCM's have the same connector. Even the early 90's cars. Now what that means as far as input signals, IDK...

But I would almost bet any 41te TCM will function as long as the quick learn procedure and pinion factor correction (if needed) are performed.

FWIW 2002 MY:

Neon TCM's
5034002AA 1 DGL Up to 07/09/01
5034002AC 1 ECB DGL After 07/09/01
5034003AA 1 ECB DGL Up to 07/09/01

5034002AB 1 ECC, EDZ DGL Up to 07/02/01
5034014AA 1 ECC, EDZ DGL After 07/02/01

4727530AA Lists the same for the 3.3/3.8/3.5
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