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My '01 R/T exhaust video

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 3:16 pm
by supertrick_05
I just got my new exhaust system installed yesterday. It consists of a stock cat to 2.5" pipe, 30" MagnaFlow glasspack, and two 4" stainless tips. It's not mandrel bent (don't have anybody around with mandrel bender) but I only paid $150 for installing my glasspack/tips and pipe. I think that was reasonable. He did an awesome job and said if it needs any adjustments what-so-ever, come back and he'll hook me up for nothing. It sounds really nice right now and not too loud, and it can only get better after the glasspack gets broken in. Anyways, enjoy!
*NOTE* I didn't do a start-up vid or get crazy with the accelerator because the belt squeals like hell and ruins the video.