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SRT-4 exterior parts list

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:03 pm
by rich tideswell
I've compiled all the exterior part numbers into one thread. Moerators: please feel free to edit/ add/ delete as you see fit, as the purpose of this is to consolodate the info and delete the other threads asking for just a part here and there

Hood - 5134116AC

Hood scoop bezel - 5029249AB

Front Facia - 5101776AB

Left fog lamp Bezel - 5303603AA

Right Fog lamp bezel - 5303602AA

grill mesh (2 required) - 5303600AB

Left nostril Duct - 5029433AA

Right nostril Duct - 5029432AA

left front door GFX - WW97TZZAC

left front Rocker GFX - WX37TZZAD

left rear door GFX - WW99TZZAC

left rear Rocker GFX - WX39TZZAC

right front door GFX - WW96TZZAC

right front Rocker GFX - WX36TZZAD

right rear door GFX - WW98TZZAC

right rear Rocker GFX - WX38TZZAC

rear facia - 5101777AA

rear high rise spoiler - 82208414

17inch wheel - 5290189AB
17inch wheel center cap - XP21ZDJAA
16inch BBS wheel - 5290763AA
16inch BBS wheel center cap - 5290927AA
BBS valve stem cap - 0915063 <--- BBS part number ... e-Stem-Cap

Trunk "Dodge" badge - 5029566AA
Trunk "SRT-4" badge - 5029344AA
ACR Decal - 5030333AA
Front Fascia ram head - 5029621AB