Looks like it’s time for an engine swap

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Looks like it’s time for an engine swap

Post by NachtRitter84 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 4:46 am

My recurring idle issue finally came back around on my ‘05 ATX SXT and I’ve got bottom end compression issues so yeah. I can grab an 80k mi 05 sxt engine locally or a 94k 2.4L non turbo vin type B from a ‘06 PT cruiser - I figure if I’m doing the swap anyway... a few questions on this:

It ‘should be’ fairly Plug and play since they use the same transmission?

Do I need to change my motor mounts or their positioning?
Will I need to do something with my shocks or struts to account for the higher engine weight?
Do I need to change the pcm? TPS sensor? IAC? Any of that fun stuff?

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Re: Looks like it’s time for an engine swap

Post by occasional demons » Mon Jul 20, 2020 10:23 am

2.4 swap will require the engine mounts/brackets, exhaust manifold, etc from the PT, so grab as much as you can. IIRC, you may even need the PS pump from the PT. I think the reservoir is a bit different than the neon unit.

Basically plug and play, as the engines are phased the same, unlike the 2002 older engines. The only thing you may need are larger injectors for the 2.4.

Either Mustang 5.0 injectors, or IIRC, Jeep 4.0 injectors. I got my injectors from Five-O- Motorsports. At the time, they were reasonable, and they were brand new injectors.

The 2.0 SOHC has 19 lb injectors, the 2.4 has 21lb injectors. A lot of people end up using 24lb injectors.

You will need a 2.0 DOHC intake manifold, or have to fab something to work. The PT and Stratus IM's will not fit in a neon. Then you may need to get a no 90º bottom half to make the manifold work in the neon. the 1st gen neons have the throttle body pointing up into the hood. An SRT manifold/TB can be used, but the runners are not optimum for a N/A engine.

The intake manifold is probably the hardest part of this swap into a 2gn neon.

If you are good with cutting up a plastic Stratus manifold, and epoxy gluing a 3" ABS tube, and adapting the TB to that, you can make you own IM for this.

You can get a piece of flat ABS plate, and bolt a Mustang TB directly to the IM, and make it a bit more simple, not having to deal with the bellows tube, and the TB mounted to the air filter box.
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