Transaxle Crossover Cable Adjustment

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Transaxle Crossover Cable Adjustment

Post by OB » Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:24 pm

There are tons of threads that go over this in one way or another, but since it comes up often I decided to write up a How-To.

The purpose of the adjustment is to ensure that the shifter's side to side movement is neutral, so to speak. In turn, the shift assembly within the transaxle is not preloaded in one direction or the other, which can cause partial gear engagement. Some symptoms of improper adjustment include: difficult shifting, gear clash/grinding, inability to shift into certain or all gears, etc.

When is this adjustment required? Anytime the crossover shift linkage is disconnected at either end. For example, when installing a short throw shifter, shift bushings, transaxle R&R, etc. It is especially critical that this is performed after installing a short throw shifter due to the change in geometry of the linkage.

Note: This adjustment is for manual trans vehicles only.


STEP 1: Remove the center console. (6 phillips head screws).

STEP 2: Shift the transaxle into 3RD or 4TH gear (important).

STEP 3: Viewing from the driver's side, below the shifter assembly you will see the ends of the linkages. On the linkage closest to you, there is a black slotted tab with an adjustment screw in it. Loosen this screw (8mm head). Wiggle the shifter side to side, leaving it in gear, to be sure the screw is not binding and can move freely.

STEP 4: Being careful not to move the linkage or shifter, tighten the screw to 70 in/lbs. I usually just go as tight as I can by hand with an 8mm nutdriver.

STEP 5: Reinstall center console and go for a drive. Shift through all the gears and make sure everything works correctly.

I don't have a picture of the adjuster, I'll get one next time my console is out. ;)

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Post by cook2790 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:31 pm

I think I've seen like 5 "how-to's" for this very subject...
but regaurdless, Nice write up
Just did this today to make sure things were lined up on my new neon
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dutch animal
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Post by dutch animal » Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:02 pm

did this one yesterday ... shifting is great know !!!
thanks for the wirte up !
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