Cannot get RKE to unlock all doors with single click

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Cannot get RKE to unlock all doors with single click

Post by MoparOso » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:04 am

I have followed the instructions explicitly as I understand them in the owner's manual for my 2005 SXT. On my 2004 R/T I have no problems whatsoever.

I cycle ignition on to off four times ending in off position. Entire cycle is within 10 seconds.

I then use the interior door lock switch to operate the unlock function, but I never get the system chime.

Interestingly, I am having same issue with lock on roll. I do not want to disable it, but I tried cycling it through disable/enable to test the system, again four on/off cycles ending on off, then door lock switch down position, but doors remain in lock on roll.

Can anyone help please?


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