How to: cheapy alternate blacked corner lights

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How to: cheapy alternate blacked corner lights

Post by sxmania » Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:22 pm

Well first off let me say i did this for fun more than function.
The effect is neat IMO, from all but straight on angles the lens is black and from straight on it is normal orange, there is also no effect on the light output as the lens is still normal.

1. Remove corner light from car
2. place light in oven at appx 175 degrees for a few minutes ( i used a knife but the oven is safer, its really wuss glue)
3. peel the lens off the backing
4. use favorite painting proceedure to paint the yellow/white backing black.
5 use your favorite glue to glue the lens back on and install back on car after drying
6. stand back and revel at a job well done.

(pictures lost, old post )

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