DIY Eraser wheel(for double sided tape)

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DIY Eraser wheel(for double sided tape)

Post by Ramroid » Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:31 pm

If you're like me, you're cheap. who wants to pay 50$ for a 3M eraser wheel when you can make one yourself? ITs not really an eraser wheel, but it does the same job for about $2.00, or free if you have the crap laying around!

Material List:
4" section of all thread.
1 Nut to fit said all thread
Some jb quick weld.
An old t shirt, or scrap piece of fabric
a tiny piece of double sided tape(ironic).
Electrical tape

1-Jb weld the nut to one end of the all thread, or weld it regularly, either ore.

2- Take your double sided tape and wrap it around the all thread

3- Wrap your scrap of fabric(i used about a foot) around the all thread at the edge near the nut

4-Make sure there is enough of an edge to tape the end of the fabric to the all thread

Thats it, easy peasy, cheap eraser wheel to get the double sided tape off anything you want. Granted an old crappy buffer wheel will do the same thing.

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