How To: Repair missing front turn light signal

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Dennis Blewett
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How To: Repair missing front turn light signal

Post by Dennis Blewett » Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:24 am

This is a how-to for those who might be missing a front turn signal. I had opened the hood about a week ago, wondering why the front-right turn signal was not working. To my surprise, it wasn't even there. I assume the timing belt chewed away at it or something like that. I'm not really sure.

The wiring from the left and right turn signals is similar. The coating over the wires differs, but it's nothing that will alter the electronics. For example, there were three wires that were inserted into the front-right turn signal. (1) One was black; (2) another black with a white line running down the middle (if I recall correctly); and (3) another was red with a yellow(?) line running down it. The front-left turn signal had a green wire with yellow running down it: Both the green and red ones were inserted into the same location in the turn signal lights.

That wasn't anything significant, as it wasn't changing the current or material of the wiring that the coating was covering. So, the wiring for the front left and front right turn signals is interchangeable.

If messing with the front right:
- Unbolt that annoying AC line with a 10mm socket to get some slack. Slack is going to help a bunch.

If messing with the front left:
- Consider unbolting various parts of the airbox. Unbolting some things will give a little slack, but it's not absolutely necessary.

Take out the light if it's there:
- Going counter-clockwise, carefully remove the turn light socket/bulb. If there isn't one, time to go to the junkyard.

Prepping for the junkyard:
- Get a hacksaw or some kind of hand-tool saw to cut through a bunch of wires at once.
- Bring a 10 mm socket with socket wrench
- Bring a pair of wire cutters
- Bring a box cutter

The other things may be necessary if you have to move other stuff out of the way to get to the wiring:
- Bring a pair of disposable gloves if you don't want greasy hands
- Bring an 8 mm socket
- Bring a phillip's head screw driver
- Bring a flathead screwdriver

In other words, bring stuff to move the radiator, battery, AC condenser, and air box in the case those things are not easily moved out of the way when you get to the junkyard.

At the junkyard:
- Find a 2nd generation Neon
- Find the turn signals
- Remove/move the AC condenser and/or radiator if it's in the way
-- Don't let freon into the environment
- Remove the bulb w/ socket out of the turn signal case
- Follow the wiring along the front side of the engine bay and start pulling away at that stuff while being careful to not damage the integrity of the wire you want (you may want as much length as you can get).
- Use wire cutters for any unruly tape that gets in the way. A box cutter may also be useful (not what I used, but it could have helped)
- Follow the wiring until you can get as much length as you can, and then saw the wire bundle
- Purchase light with wires

Back at Neon:
1. Strip the wires from the purchased part
2. Strip the wires from the wires in the engine bay that will connect to the stripped wires from the purchased part

#2 is difficult, as it will require patience and accuracy with the lack of space and slack an individual is working with. It can be done, but it requires patience.

3. Twist the wire strands together
4. Bend over the twisted wire knobs and tape
5. Place the light into the Neon turn signal case by putting it in clockwise

If there is a large length of wire, it can be trimmed and re-done or you could stick it into the headlight area, which is what my lazy self did.
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Post by Gnuserup » Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:30 pm

Nice write up, but I really wonder how your lamp and socket managed to get away :lol:
a neon - what else ?

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Post by Ramroid » Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:07 am

Gnuserup wrote:Nice write up, but I really wonder how your lamp and socket managed to get away :lol:
Probably the same way mine did. Drove for food while swapping out headlights, forgot to put the turn signal back in and my serp belt launched it under the car. lol

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