Measuring with money

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Measuring with money

Post by AdioSS » Fri Apr 17, 2020 3:31 pm

A guy online is selling some Subaru wheels that he claims used to be on a neon. He doesn’t have any pictures of them on a neon though, and I’m not the most trusting person, so I asked him to measure the hub bore for me. He couldn’t find a tape measure, so he used a twenty dollar bill. Luckily I also have a twenty in my wallet & a few measuring tools.

I told him I needed the hole to be real close to 2¼” or 57.1mm in order to fit. I’m not quite sure where the edge of the wheel is.
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Re: Measuring with money

Post by occasional demons » Fri Apr 17, 2020 3:55 pm

Most Subaru wheels are just slightly smaller in the center bore, like around a millimeter or so. I have Stratus wheels on my Impreza for my winter wheels. But the subie wheel's hole is just small enough that they will not go onto the neon hubs. They could be made larger, if you had a lathe that could handle the outer wheel diameter, or if you feel lucky enough with a drum sander.

They don't need to be hub centric. The lug nut cones are what actually centers the wheel. Given that most hub spacer bushings are just plastic rings...

If the Subaru wheels that came on my Impreza were in nicer shape, I would consider enlarging the hole to use them on my neon.

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