Fat Fives on SRT

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Fat Fives on SRT

Post by DetergentCandy » Sat Nov 15, 2014 5:43 pm

I remember there were a few members here that have run R/T Fat Fives on their SRTs. Who was it? And what size tire did you run?

I've got stockers and they need new tires. But I kinda wanna get away form them, and i've still got some Fat Fives sitting around that I purchased from a forum member years ago. But those need tires too. The tires would be cheaper for Fat Fives than they would be for the stock SRT wheels though! And they'll be spaced out a smidge more than the stock wheels which would help me take up a LITTLE gap in the fenders.

But i'm not sure what size tire i'd wanna run. I definitely prefer a little bit of a bulgy side-wall, though. I like the muscle-car-small-wheel-fat-tire look. Anyone care to chime in? Plz.
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