Need Help with Spring Group Codes

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Need Help with Spring Group Codes

Post by keeper1016 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:32 am

Hey all,

Back with a question. Couldn't find anything with search.

I'm in the process of pricing out new Mopar front struts. I'm pretty much set except for coil springs. The springs are categorized by a sales code and then further categorized by a Spring Group code.

Im pretty sure I need the "SDC" sales code spring, but there are six or seven different part numbers under this sales code, each with it's own pair of spring group codes (ex. ZCC,ZRC these under part number 05272603AB).

I unfortunately no longer have my original springs. I read through the sales code guide here (great listing), and all the spring codes are in there, but they all have the same description (spring-right front / spring-left front). I assume they can't all be the same because they are priced differently.

If anyone knows the difference between these spring group codes could you please advise me? Thanks for looking!
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