Lambostealth, time to go, in Cen*Cal, $20k obo, huge list!

Trying to sell your Neon and want to get the word out, maybe someone on here would like to buy it from you. Post your Forsale Ad here.
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Lambostealth, time to go, in Cen*Cal, $20k obo, huge list!

Post by lambostealth » Thu Oct 20, 2005 5:46 am

$20,000 OR BEST OFFER!!!!!


2003 Dodge Neon SXT
2.0L SOHC (Only synthetic oil changes on a REGULAR schedule of about 2800mile to 3300 miles realistically, most recently have switched to mobile1 5w30, regardless of last one, you will have new one immediately before delivery.)
4spd Automatic Trans. (flushed at 20,000 miles, will be done again prior to delivery).
Power windows, locks, brakes, steering
Keyless Entry
Remote trunk release

First a little about the car in general. It was purchased by my Fiance brand new in May of 2003 with 2 miles on the clock. Since then it has NEVER been Smoked in, in no accident of ANY kind, minor scratches WILL be fixed before delivery (only two very small, but I would rather the new buyer has no complaints!). To date, the Neon has had the following replaced or repaired under warranty; Air conditioning center vents replaced due to loose fitting, both headlights replaced due to internal fogging, power steering rack replaced due to small leak, and fuel passive leak detector replaced due to failure (had no adverse affect on vehicle). Currently the car has approx. 39,000 miles and is driven minimally during the week. It is washed and detailed frantically (we purchased the car to use it as a show car). IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HORSEPOWER THANKS FOR LOOKING, BUT IT AIN'T HERE!
The car is not fast, however will have no problem passing, or getting out of its own way. Gas mileage was recorded on a recent trip to San Francisco at 29mpg. No check engine lights are displayed at this time, if I were being very picky, the only complaints I would have about the car, the steering wheel shakes a little at all speeds (prob. just a out of balance wheel), and its been around here in the show scene for awhile so its getting old to get the same trophies, over and over.........

Now for the mods..

MODS: This list Does not include the parts that go with the car that aren't installed......will add that one later........hrmm, lets start from the tires on up.

Tires: Hankook Sport K104's/ 215/35-18 (approx. 8500 miles old)

Wheels: Ace Alloy Spyders (silver/machined lip) 18X7.5 (8500 miles as well, minor curbs, will be perfect if I can get all $20k for the car)

Lugs: Zenki Forged Racing Lugs (color will be chosen by buyer)

Brakes:FRONT/ EBC Front rotors/Green Stuff pads REAR/ Stock SRT-4 disc setup. (fronts installed about 5k miles ago, rears are from 5k mile car newly installed)

Struts:Tokico Blues (Installed in June 05)

Springs: H&R Sport springs (installed in June 04, rides like stock, unytill you turn the wheel, then it tells you that its lowered)

Swaybars: FRONT/ stock, REAR/ SRT4 stock Rear (newly installed from 5000 mile car)

Underglow:UFO-ICE-L.E.D, I hate underglows, but this kit is BADASS (newly installed)

Bodykit: Kaminari Front/Rear/Sides, all installed about 7 mos ago, all in great shape and fit perfect! (minor scratches will be fixed before you see the car)

Doors: JT Autostyle EVO Doors (lambo conversion, installed about two years ago, and still work flawlessly, new owner will be provided my contact from JT for any questions, as well as receive two brand new replacement struts inase of failure (doubtful))

Lights (head/tail/markers):HEAD/ currently Morettes Prototypes, perfect condition, work better than stock, but BEWARE THE HIGH BEAMS! You might signal small aircraft! TAIL/ Depot Black Housing LED's (you can actually see when you back up now!). Markers/ Clear units with bulbs removed.

Hood/Trunk/Spoiler: Kaminari "SS" style "ramair" Carbon Fiber hood (installed about a year ago, however, still looks brand new), Kaminari KTRII carbon fiber spoiler (same condition as hood)

Windows: 5% tint on back three windows/ 35% on driver and passenger.

Roof: Sirius satellite radio antenna (removable)

Interior (not audio/video):

Custom "dodge" BRIGHT BLUE floormats, by ACC. (stocks are included as well, we use the bright blues for show only, so they have never had feet on them).

Katzkin Leather seats Pacific blue centers/Dark slate sides (about 1 year old but well cared for and conditioned monthly) custom gauges (very high quality!) (blue with silver flames/words dodge on tach/ and Neon on speedo, they light up reverse style indiglo (just numbers and flames) are adjustable between green and blue (about two years old but still work outstanding),

No name carbon fiber auto shift knob

Carbon fiber (blue/black) dash kit


Head Unit: Dual Audio Flipout (motorized) 7" screen, plays any disc you can put in it! Is also a receiver for all of you local TV stations, as well as your local AM/FM stations. Includes remote, and manual. (about 6 mos old)

Monitors: Two 7" Power Acoustik monitors flushmounted in headrests, are connected to headunit, but power up seperately, include remotes. (less than one month old)

Aux. Radio: Sirius Satellite Radio on dash, includes remote, and up to one year of service depending on final price of car. (about 8 mos old)

Trunk setup: Three 460w rms Dual Audio amplifiers on custom fiberglass/wood ampracks, 1 feeds the front 6.5" door stages (pair), and the rear stage of 6X9's (all glow blue with LED's), each of the oth two individually feed a pair of Dual Audio 12" subs (specs upon request), mounted in completely custom fiberglass/wood painted (like glass) enclosures. There is also an Auxiliary Deck in the rear high mounted in a custom fiberglass peice, it is for controlling sound at shows (or showing off) so you don't have to get in and out of the car to do so. It features a 2.5" screen that is connected to the front dvd player so you can watch it from the back.


The trunk setup is very good quality, and sounds great to boot!, when bumping, the only thing that rattles is the wing, other than that, it sounds pretty amazing for the equipment. It will make your eyes go out of focus when it hits! (all stereo equipment is less than 6 mos. old and functions as it should)

Sound deadening: There is approximately 144+ sqft of Dynamat extreme on the doors, floor, trunk, rear deck, you name it, its probably there.......doors are way solid, and resemble a much more expensive car when shut. Road noise has deminished as well.

I think that is it for stereo!


K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake, Noticeable noise increase (performance sound), and minor increase in throttle response. (approx. 10 mos old, will be cleaned before delivery) Factory air intake included.

Magnecor Performance Ignition Wires, no noticeable change at all (just over 4 mos old)

Exhaust: Custom 2-1/2" Piping from Catilytic Converter, to two resonators, to the back and ends with two center mounted 3-1/2" Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust tips protruding through the holes in the rear bumper (made to fit, and sounds very throaty!.....absolutely no raspiness)

now for the stuff that is included but not installed. NO PARTING OUT!

These are things that arew included but not installed


Tires: Hankook RS2 Z212's size= 215/35-18 (great performance tire).

Wheels: Rota Group-A size=18X7.5 (hub bore has been lathed to 57.3 to accomodate the Neon's hub bore). However these will require at least a 5mm spacer to fit properly (available at any rim/tire shop for about $10 each).

Underglow: Complete Colorstorm kit with extras.....retails for $759 with the extras! won't believe what this thing can do! (it was removed from original packaging for easier storage, but has never been installed).


Head: Oem replacements with black ring, and fiberglass painted eyelids to match the car, these are the factory ones that came on the car so they are used, but in excellent condition (include aftermarket blue headlight bulbs and blinkers).

Head: Oem replacements (brand new oem DEPO replacements for retro work).

Tails: factory Oem replacements (these are the ones that came on the car but are in excellent condition!).

Steering wheel: X-Force racing wheel, aluminum and leather (new, requires MOMO hub adapter)


Subs: (4) Power Acoustik MOFO Series 12" subwoofers, 1200w rms handling (new in boxes).

Amps: (1) Power Acoustik 3000watts rms digital monoblock 1ohm stable, 1 channel (new in box), (1) Power Acoustik 600watt rms 2 shannel amplifier (new in box).

Speakers: (1pair) Power Acoustik 300w peak 6.5" component set with crossovers and tweeters (new in box).

(1 pair) Power Acoustik 320w peak 6X9" 3-way speakers, with crossovers (new in box).

Capacitor: MA Audio 5 farad Capacitor Bank with blue digital readout and dancing blue LEDs, looks like a decent sized amplifier with three caps inside (new in box).


Power Acoustik 10.3" Flipdown/swivel monitor W/ integrated DVD player (new in box)

(2) Power Acoustik 7" headrest monitors (I was going to put them in my trunk for videos/games/movies etc.,/ new in boxes)

Power Acoustik Mirror with hidden 4" monitor and clock (new in box)

Power Acoustik Audio/Video controller, this integrates your whole A/V setup into one remote control (new in box).

Sound Deadening:

(2) Bulk packs of Dynamat Extreme (36sqft each, new in boxes)

Dynamat Extreme Hoodliner (new in box)

Dynamat Professional Roller (used, but perfect)


(6) Ignited Performance aircraft style light up toggle switches (new in boxes)

Ignited performance Push-Button start (Illuminated/Blue, new removed from box)

Ignited Performance Purge button (illuminated/red/new in box)

Ignited performance mounting plate (anodized black/removed from box)

Along with all of this goes some promotional equipment from various companies, and I will discuss the sale and possible transfer with my long term sponsors, and disclose my findings with the buyer.

The car is in central California, and I am more thhan happy to meet you nearby to show her to you, buyer will receive their choice of gas and a full tank, as well as a COMPLETE DETAIL FROM TOP TO BOTTOM! I will even take a couple of hours to show you how everything works!

Asking price for all of this is $20,000 OBO, no lowballing but if you are serious I will entertain all offers, I would like to sell it before the end of the month, so I will take your offer and choose one then unless I am completely satisfied with what I get offered right away.

Thank you very much!

some pics.....Image

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Post by scneonchic » Wed Oct 26, 2005 11:01 pm

your engine bay is VERY CLEAN :) looks nice, the whole car is very nice

have you tried ebay yet?

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Post by CU_rob » Mon Nov 21, 2005 12:34 pm

dude need to get another pic host
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Post by ilpadrino » Mon Nov 21, 2005 12:45 pm

it's a shame you're selling it. how come you're doing so?

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Post by KrackstaR » Tue Jan 24, 2006 3:27 pm

did you sell the car yet?
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