How-To: Diagnostic Trouble Codes

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How-To: Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Post by OB » Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:29 pm

This information is already available in parts around the forum. This thread pulls it all together for convenience. Please use the appropriate forum when posting any questions regarding specific DTC's or diagnostics in general.


-Sitting in the driver's seat, put the key in the ignition.

-Perform the following sequence, starting from the OFF position.


Note: The 'RUN' position is the one right before 'START'. Do not crank the engine, or you will have to start the procedure over.

-DTC's are displayed in the odometer, one at a time. There is a pause between codes. When all codes have been displayed, or if there are none stored, the display will read 'DONE'. To repeat the procedure, simply turn the key off and start over. I have found that it sometimes will not work without a sufficient break between cycles, I would say 5 seconds is more than enough. Also note, there is a time limit (I believe it is 10 seconds) that the sequence must be completed within in order for the DTC's to be displayed. Taking too long, or stopping between OFF and RUN, may require a repeat attempt.

-Once you have recorded any code(s) from the above procedure, refer to the lists in the links below to determine the description. Also below is a decoder to help you understand how the DTC is formed.


Click here for M/Y 2000-2002

Click here for M/Y 2003-2005 (NGC)


Click Here for DTC Decoding

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