Hifisoundconnection.com (and ebay store id)

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Hifisoundconnection.com (and ebay store id)

Post by scneonchic » Thu Jun 16, 2005 11:23 am

DONT BUY FROM HIFISOUNDCONNECT.COM!! they have an ebay store too, and thats the name of it.

i bought an audiobahn aw1206t 12" sub from them last summer, paid like $150 shipped or something like that. it was nice at the time, brand new, all the paper work, in the nice brand new sealed box. ....then this spring the sub overheated and blew the voice coil. amp was perfectly fine (highly reccomend bostwick), but my problem was that i mailed in the warranty card like a week afer i got the sub. i called hifi to find out how i needed to go about getting the warranty honored and findo ut they are no longer an authorized audiobahn dealer. so i could never get anyone on the phone there, no one would ever return my calls, and the emails, all said the same crap "all you have is a 30 day warranty w/ us. call audiobahn"

so i call them, and they say they dont deal w/ 3rd party buyers, even though at the time hifi was authorized.

but anyways...to avoid more stupid details that will just make me mad all over again, dont buy from them cuz they def. dont honor their warranties, you cant even get someone on the phone to talk to you about anything. all i needed is for them to get me the info on getting the warranty honored, cuz i mean the stuff had to come from an authorized dealer first, then to them. unless it was maybe stolen....:shock: thats the only explanation i can think of, IDK, just wanted to warn you guys. go to a real audio shop for stuff like that....

thought it was a good deal, but it guess its true, about if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is. now that i have the Treo sub, its such an improvement over audiobahn, the quality is alot better, and it hits alot harder, i should have gone w/ it in the first place. price is comparable to JL i suppose, but def. worth it

sorry for the long post!!! :lol:

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