HOW To : Removal of Stuck CD in factory CD changer

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HOW To : Removal of Stuck CD in factory CD changer

Post by mobay1517 » Fri May 06, 2011 11:07 am

Removal of the changer is not too difficult and the cost for a new changer or a removal /repair of the old one is horrendous. So here we go ….. Disconnect battery. Pull off the plastic cover that surrounds the changer . This plastic cover will have a set of wires attached. Use tape\wire\chicken guts etc and secure it out of the way with the wires still attached to it so you can do the other steps below without it getting in your way . Having these completely out of the way from the FRONT of the changer is a big help .
You should now be able to see the changer completely. There are two mounting screws that hold the unit in. Unscrew them and then pull out the changer. You will then see the cable that attaches to the back of the changer. Press the white release tab ( mine was white ) and remove the cable. Now Pull out the changer completely.
The LOAD\EJECT buttons panel is attached to the housing with plastic clips ( not screw attached ) ( two on top , two on bottom ) GENTLY ease these clips up ( don’t break them!) with a flat mouth screwdriver and tilt\pivot and remove the front button panel. Notice how this panel has a multi-pin jack , on one side and make sure later to reinstall it so that the jack goes back into the multi-pin jack. It’s actually impossible to re-attach the button panel the wrong way, but I mention it anyway.

You now are left with the protective steel case and the CD mechanism that is within this case. You will need to remove the TOP cover of the protective case that is held by five or six screws. Put these in a coffee cup so you don't lose them. Now gently pry off the cover and you should be able see the CD's and the "sleeves” that they are in. You'll notice also in the front of the changer a small plastic part ( 3\4 " inch ) that blocks the opening to the CD. This will have to be pushed down when you're pushing out the stuck CD.
Now , with this plastic piece down ,and it NOT blocking the CD ejection\load slot.. push the CD forward with a knife OR with a point or a tool that has a point. NOTE: more than likely you'll damage the silver coating on the CD rendering it useless, but that's the price you pay. You need a tool that will grip the CD so you can push it out. Try to push the CD out and if successful , try the next CD and so forth. You'll have to do this if it's CD #3 that's stuck. When mine was stuck I removed all of the CD's in the changer.. You just may have to hook up the CD to power it up and cycle the other CD's (necessitating putting back on the button panel and re-hooking up the power ( tedious ).
Anyway see if you can remove all CD's without having to do this.. you may get lucky. I did.
Once the changer is cleared of CD's ,reassemble everything back together and put back on the front button panel. Now re- attach the audio\control cable . You may have to be careful with how you then stuff the audio\control cable into the Changer housing or it will prevent the changer from seating properly and flush with the dash . There are two alignment tabs that fit into a hole to orient the changer. Now screw back in the mounting screws put back on the changer cover and reconnect the battery. If all went well, the changer will cycle ( may take about a minute of two ) and a "READY " light will be displayed.

Put in ONE CD AND ONE CD ONLY!!, and test the play and load and eject of the changer. After this NEVER PUT MORE THAN ONE CD IN AT A TIME. I know that sound counterproductive , but the changer has a known fault when you have more than one CD in it . THAT FAULT IS THAT IT WON'T EJECT CD's !!
Hope this helps ( better than paying hundreds of $'s for a "pro" to do it or replace\install a new changer). The basic CD player is not bad if you can live with one CD , AND ONE CD ONLY!! In the unit.

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